There are various types of car audio wires in the market according to their price. The material of the wire decides the prices of the wire. The most important point which you should keep in your mind before choosing your amplifier wiring kit and your speaker wire is How Much Power you need for your amplifier to perform? You should have proper gauge size wire in order to transfer enough power to sound them like they suppose to be. So starting from the power wire of the battery to the amplifier.. it should be properly crimped from the battery terminal and should be fused at 18 inches max and not exceed 18 inches away from battery as this can cause severe damage to the wire as well as vehicle if any hazard occurs.. Then the fuse holder should have proper amp fuse in it according to the wire you are using and the amount power you will need for your amplifier to run.

 Note: If you are using a power distribution block you should keep in mind that your wire and amp fuse you are using should be big enough to power your amplifiers so that there should not be any bottleneck and your amplifiers should run smoothly without any strain on your wiring to get heat up and can damage anything in your vehicle. Do not use home use electrical wires for your car audio as the car audio wire has multiple tons of strands which makes it easier to flow current through them. The car audio wire has a insulation for the car environment which does not make it heat up easily and makes it flexible enough to run through your car without any problem. 

MUST DO: Use heat shrinks at the crimped ends of the wire to protect them. Always use wire lugs to connect wires where needed as it can cause wire to get damaged from Oxidation. Make sure to use a proper FRAME GROUND connected to bare metal of the vehicle when you are grounding your amplifier as poor ground can result in bad performance and hissing sound from tweeters and speakers. Never use fuse for your GROUND wire.  Never use under power fuse for anything in car audio. It is better to have a bigger power fuse than recommended for car audio. 

Which type of wire is best for audio? How to choose the correct wire?

Starting from the amplifier wiring.. you have basically 3 options for your install.. 

CCA (copper clad alluminium), OFC (Oxygen free Copper), Tinned OFC. 

Starting from the CCA wire.. It is a cheap wire compared to OFC and Tinned OFC wire.. and has a copper colored strands which makes it look like a copper wire but its not.. disadvantage of CCA is it has very high resistance which makes it drop voltage in a longer run from battery to the amplifier.. in order to have a full voltage from a CCA wire you will have to get a thicker wire gauge for the same length of the wire you are using for the amplifier. CCA is a option for those who does not have a budget for a OFC wire as OFC wires are expensive.

 Now we come to OFC wires.. They are pure copper wire which can handle the current across them very easily and efficiently without any voltage drop because of there low resistance in the wire.. the electrons in the wire can run very smoothly in the circuit of the audio. OFC wires can be used in any install without any failure issue but you will have to use a proper gauge size of wire which is required for the amount of power you want to use for your amplifier. 

Now the Tinned OFC wires which usually looks silver in color not the copper color as they have a coating on it to protect it from getting Oxidized by the time.. But yes they are expensive than the OFC wires as well.. but it is a good investment for your car audio if you dont want any problem at all for years without worrying about your wiring issues. But again make sure you use a proper gauge size for your install as small wire cannot transfer enough current and will heat up and get damage so choose your gauge size properly. 


Generally using a good speaker wire with good gauge size make speakers to sound even better than a ordinary factory speaker wire. 16 gauge and 14 gauge are common and are best for the speakers of the car as they are enough to power a heavy mids and highs of any brand. Using of two different types of car audio speaker wires can result in poor output performance as well. If you are using a subwoofers then you should use 12 gauge for a normal subwoofer around 400 or 500 RMS subwoofers. If you exceed the RMS of subwoofer you should be using around 10 gauge for 600 to 1000 watt RMS subwoofers as the wire should be capable enough to handles that much current very easily. If you will notice the subwoofers.. they also have a bigger terminals for bigger wire as smaller wire can lead to poor performance or not go to its full potential of the subwoofer. Make sure to use speaker wires also OFC wires as they will give you the best performance out of your car audio system.

Signal RCA Cables are also comes in OFC and TINNED OFC which are a very good investment in your car audio. Various brand makes different types of car audio wires in various types of length as well. Some brands are now making tinned OFC RCA CABLES which work for years without any failure. Using Good quality RCA will make your sound more accurate and will give you the sound experience for years which you are getting since day 1 of your listening of your music. Using of ordinary RCA cables can lead to have issues in a year or two as they use ordinary stuff for making ordinary RCA cables which are not good for long term usage. Spend once and forget. Premium braided RCA cables are available very easily now.. Get them and forget the issues of hissing as the RCA are responsible for the hissing and whistling issues in car audio system. Ordinary RCA cables can easily get fried up and stop working in sometime so think wisely before purchasing your car audio equipment.

Note: Never Ground your rca to the chassis of your car. You can use a branded noise isolator for hissing and whistling sounds but try not to use it if you can as they reduce the voltage of head unit to the amplifier and the gain of the amplifier will receive a low voltage and gain start to become sensitive so don’t use noise isolator if you don’t need it.

These wires are used for the electrical upgrades such as BIG 3 as well.