Role of a amplifier in your car

There are various types of car amplifiers in the market according to the power and brand you choose. The reason for a vehicle speaker is to support a little sound sign to a higher voltage to expand sound volume. In simple terms, it helps support the sign from your vehicle radio to bigger speakers, bringing about stronger sound inside the vehicle. Picking the right sort of speaker can be an interesting assignment.

Types of Car Amplifiers

Mono Channel Amplifiers
Monoblock or one-channel amplifiers are only used to drive subwoofers. They cannot power the speakers of the car to play mids and highs as they mono channel amplifier are designed to play only low frequencies which are produced by subwoofers only. The low pass filter which is known as LPF commonly used term is always enabled forever in the mono amplifiers which cannot be disabled to use it to play mids and highs.

Multi-Channel Amplifiers
This is one of the types of car amplifiers which is in trend now days as everyone wants one stop solution and less wiring hassle in a single amplifier and great performance as well. Multi-channel speakers can go from two to six channels, with four channels being your most normal model. Four-channel amplifiers are for the most part for blending a bunch of secondary selling entryway speakers as well as a little subwoofer. Expanding the quantity of channels permits you to interface with bigger speakers or add a bigger subwoofer for a bass lift. On the off chance that you are intending to add subwoofers, it is ideal to have a five-or six-channel speaker.


What is Class A Amplifiers ?
Class A amplifiers provides the cleanest output among all the classes of the amplifiers in car audio industry. They have very high fidelity rate and can power any speaker to its full potential without any problem at all. Coming on to the distortion level.. in simple words they have the least amount of distortion among any class of amplifiers. Only the problem with CLASS A amplifiers is they are very large in size and produce very much amount of heat when powered ON. Other than this if you want a clean output with the least amount of distortion CLASS A amplifiers are the best when the space is not issue for you. They are less efficient as they are designed to be always ON and the current always passing through them continously even if there is no audio signal passing through them thats why they are the least energy efficient amplifiers among all of them.

What is Class B Amplifiers?
Class B amplifiers are the most energy efficient when it comes to efficiency of the amplifiers. They have a small chassis of the amplifier so can be installed almost anywhere you want it to be. And because of the efficient feature of it.. it creates least amount of heat when using it. Problem with CLASS B amplifiers is they have potential signal distortion and they do not have a great power output when it comes to the performance of the amplifier. They have  very low audio performance and cannot be used where the demand is for a high output setup is required. They are designed in such a way that when there is no audio signal passing through them they turn off by itself which makes it the beast when comes to efficiency. But by saving so much energy the audio quality is also compromised.

What is Class A/B Amplifiers?

Class A/B amplifiers are a great combination of CLASS A amplifiers and CLASS B amplifiers. They are the best types of car amplifiers when we talk about stereo amplifiers which plays speakers. They are more energy efficient than CLASS A amplifiers and have less distortion level than CLASS B amplifiers. So, they are a great combination of both the classes of amplifier and are commonly used in world wide in car audio industry as CLASS A/B amplifiers are perfect when it comes to price as well and their performance to price ratio is great. They also have a negative point that they are less efficient than CLASS B amplifiers and have distortion ratio greater than CLASS A amplifiers but thats not an big issue when choosing amplifiers according to class.. CLASS A/B amplifiers are great for a decent performance audio setup.

What are Class D Amplifiers?

Class D amplifiers are the class of mono amplifiers or the single channel amplifiers which are only used to power the subwoofers. They are the most common types of car amplifiers when we talk about subwoofer amplifier.

CLASS D amplifiers are considered to be the extremely efficient than any class of amplifiers and have a great output performance audio. size can be varied according to the brand but normally the are compact nowadays and produce less warmth until played them to its full potential. They distort at high frequencies as they are made to produce only and only low frequencies. These amplifiers are compact in size and produce practically zero warmth. There might be some distortion in higher frequencies, yet they produce the best sound quality.

Car Amplifier Price

$100-$250: In this value range, you will ordinarily discover Class A/B intensifiers with an alternate scope of channels. This is the value reach to be taking a gander at in the event that you are on a tight spending plan. The speaker will in any case manage its work boosting sound signs, however you may see more mutilation in the sound.

$250-$550: This is an extraordinary value range for a mono or multi-channel speaker that has practically zero sound twisting. In this value range, you can likewise discover added highlights like really tuning and higher-effectiveness alternatives.

$550 and up: High-end vehicle enhancers can wind up costing up to $1,500. While thinking about better quality intensifiers, look at any additional highlights they have. A few intensifiers can have numerous highlights you don’t really require on the off chance that you need a basic sound framework.

Key Features


The best vehicle amplifiers will be bridgeable, implying that you can add more speakers to expand power supply. By connecting more amplifiers, you can add bigger speakers, more speakers, or bigger subwoofers for a superior bass lift.

Low-Pass Filter (LPF)

Practically the entirety of the best vehicle amplifiers have a low-pass channel that will assist with keeping higher frequencies from arriving at the speakers or subwoofers. Basically, it will channel signals higher than the chose recurrence and keep the high frequencies from arriving at the speakers or subwoofers.

High-Pass Filter (HPF)

This channel works related to the low-pass channel, working in a contrary way by forestalling lower frequencies from arriving at the speakers or subwoofers. It passes signals lower than the chosen frequency and disposes of higher recurrence signals.

Band-Pass Filter

Band-pass channels work with both high-pass and low-pass channels to make a consistent frequency range. It keeps the signs steady between high-pass and low-pass channels to keep up with the best sound quality.

How to choose a car amplifier

Wattage: Every amplifier has a wattage rating. Note, never run your amp to its greatest wattage. For instance, in the event that you have a 1000-watt amp and four speakers that require 350 watts for each speaker, the intensifier would not have the option to give the force required, and your speakers may short out.

Size: You’ll need to ensure that you have space in your vehicle for an enhancer, new speakers, as well as a subwoofer. A few amps are extremely conservative, while others can get really enormous.

Wiring: Always ensure you have quality copper dense wiring to control your amp. The nature of wire will choose whether your amp will run as planned or not. The standard customer wire is a 4-check wire with copper consolidated wire, not aluminum. Terrible wiring can cause electrical deficiencies, over-burden wires, and electrical flames.

RMS: RMS is the reliable wattage your speaker needs to remain feuled on. Each amp and subwoofer will have a RMS rating some place on the gadget; consistently check this rating.

Peak Power: Peak power is the most force an amp can put out prior to shorting out or falling flat. You can typically just run an amp at top force a few seconds before it is harmed.

You can read tuning a car amplifier which will help you tune the amplifier properly.