We request you to read carefully before applying any kind of changes to your vehicle and check the problems step by step as described below. There are several mistakes that kill bass performance of the subwoofer, So go step by step as described below.

So you build a car audio system into a vehicle and you turn it on and you are not impressed? We will teach you 4 different type os mistake that a newbie makes while building a car audio system which leads to poor bass performance into a vehicle.


Wiring issues is really important making the connections from the wires to the actual speakers we want to double check similar speakers have similar polarity which means the positive wires should be installed on positive terminal and the negative terminal once on negative terminal and cross check that they both are same on all speakers. Same goes for subwoofers if you have multiple subwoofers make sure that they are also wired in correct polarity. The reason for this is if you have one speaker going out and other is coming in the speakers will work against each other and not going to be create acoustical energy. This may lead you to one of the mistakes that kill bass performance of speaker and subwoofer both as they are cancelling each other sine waves.

Line output converter wiring or the speaker wires of vehicle should be also be make sure that it is wired in correct polarity so that there is not any polarity issues.There might be sometimes chances that the speaker which came from the factory is labelled incorrect but it can happen also so check check the speaker with a polarity checker tool or either you can take a battery AA or AAA and connect them with wires on both sides and connect positive with positive and negative with negative.. The speaker should fire upwards direction when connected. If the speaker fires downwards with correct polarity of the battery the speakers is labelled wrong from the factory and you should treat that speaker as negative as positive terminal because wrong polarity connect with cancel the energy of the speaker with the correct wired speaker.


In a car audio system it works like a chain for example the subwoofer play frequencies from 20Hz to 80Hz and then from 80Hz we hand it off to 6.5 inch component speakers the issue can be in the hand off transition from subwoofer to the speakers because both the speakers and subwoofers are located in the different locations within the vehicle so our goal is to at the listening position they work together not against each other out. So to correct the issue the easiest way to do it you can flip the polarity on the subwoofers as most of the subwoofers amplifiers have a phase switch where you can flip it 180 degree out of phase. But it is okay to wire the speaker and the subwoofer to wire them in different polarity as it will correct the phase issue which can cause poor bass performance of the subwoofer. If you have a Digital Sound Processor you can actually delay the front speakers in order to make the subwoofer sound more louder so that you not experience the imbalance of speakers and bass. This feature of DSP is known as TIME ALIGNMENT where the sound of the speakers and subwoofers are aligned to the seat of the car to make it sound much better. Phase issues might be one of the mistakes that kill bass while building the audio system of the vehicle, so read before you install your gears within your vehicle.


If you have a sealed subwoofer box enclosure you might feel you are not getting enough bass so you should consider a ported subwoofer box enclosure as the ported box will generally produce more output than a sealed box. The subwoofer box design can also be considered as a big mistake that kill bass performance. But every subwoofer has different range of variables and how it response and play music. Always make sure the frequency of the enclosure tuned and the volume of the box you are using for subwoofer. If you install a large subwoofer to a small subwoofer box it will not gonna perform it actually suppose to sound. Always consider the construction of the box as well and should be sealed well. The box should be properly braised and can handle the power of the subwoofer easily as the box can get flex while playing subwoofer so that you should not loose any acoustical energy at all. If you are facing problems like lack of mid bass you can actually use speaker foam rings which is used to bridge the gaps between speakers to the speaker grill of the vehicle to provide more output.



The amplifier output power or RMS power should match the power of the subwoofer. A moderate powered amplifier used for the subwoofer can result in having hard time to push power from the subwoofer which means you could have more power, This is one of the biggest mistakes that kill bass performance and people think that a big subwoofer will pull the power from the amplifier by itself which is the biggest myth. Always remember that It takes power to make power. For example if you go for a super super loud SPL system in your car without upgrading the electrical capabilities of the car like alternator the system will not gonna sound to its full potential as it will not get enough power to produce that much output. 

The bass totally depends upon the excursion of the subwoofer so always make sure your subwoofer have enough power handling to make the bass much louder even if you feed more power when you want more bass. The increasing of cone area can also result in producing more bass which means if you have a amplifier which can power second subwoofer as well and you have room for second subwoofer add up you can surely install the second subwoofer and you will get more bass. Never add two subwoofers on a amplifier which is not capable enough to power both the subwoofers and the amplifier will be stable at you desired wiring OHM as well otherwise the amplifier will go in to protection if wired on a OHM which it not suppose to take load on.

BE CAREFUL! You can read how to improve Car Audio Performance to learn more and make improvements in your car audio system.