First Stage of planning a car audio

You might be worried about how to plan your car audio step by step and what to buy first, the amplifier, speakers, subwoofers etc then you are at right place. We will help you to plan your car audio in stages by which you can have everything step by step!

We would suggest you to start from a pair of good speakers/Mids and highs as they are the most important component of the audio structure. The speakers will produce mid bass and highs/tweeters will provide high frequencies which will sound very good in totality when listened. A good pair of component speakers can also work very well even if you are planning to make your setup front stage as the rear speakers only act as a filler in audio. If you are planning a very loud setup which litrally scream then you should plan to get midrange speakers which will only produce mid frequencies with no bass at all and get a pair of super/bullet tweeters which can match the power of midrange speakers as they both will have to compliment each other when comes to totality of the music. Don’t go for coaxial speakers if you have a good taste of listening to music as coaxial speakers are all in one speaker which will give mid and high frequencies both at the same time but this comes at a cost.. They get easily distorted when they are pushed to be loud. So don’t go for it if you want nice experience of music. 

Second Stage

After you got a nice pair of speakers/mids and highs you can now plan to amplify your speakers as the stock radio cannot give enough power to speakers to sound they suppose to be. The amplifier is really needed for speakers to perform. The amplifier makes the sound of speakers more loud, accurate, more clean and less distorted at loud volume. If you think that why to get a  amplifier if you can play speakers with your stock radio or aftermarket radio as the speakers are working though?? The answer is you need amplifier as the stock radio or the aftermarket radio will provide only 15 to 25 RMS to the speakers as they amplifier will provide at least the written amount of RMS which is it designed to perform depending upon the RMS power amplifier you purchase. Normally 80 to 100 RMS amplifiers are commonly used in car audio. But when you plan an amplifier you need a very IMPORTANT thing which is the wiring.. as the amplifier cannot be installed with a good amplifier wiring with proper gauge according to the amplifier you got. 

Third Stage

The wiring of amplifier contains a POWER WIRE, GROUND WIRE, REMOTE WIRE, RCA (LOW SIGNAL INPUT), SPEAKER WIRE,GROMMETS, WIRE LUGS ETC. The most important thing is the material of the wire which you are using for install either it could be CCA or it could be OFC or TINNED OFC WIRE. The wire quality will decide its power handling as well as the life of the wire as the wire will transfer the current and signal to the amplifier to perform so if the wire is not capable enough to do it.. it will result in either poor performance of amplifier or speakers or may be it won’t last for longer period of time. Wiring also includes RCA cables which are used to transfer the signal from radio to amplifier that what music is playing.. That cable should is very important as that cable is responsible for everything if not installed properly it can result in no music playing or hissing and whistling sound when accelerating the vehicle. It is the most sensitive part of the car audio wiring and should not interfering with any other wire in the path when installed in vehicle.

Fourth Stage

After you installed amplifier and wiring in your car you can now go for a subwoofer and mono amplifier. This is the third step to plan your car audio as the subwoofer and mono amplifier are expensive and subwoofer installation will require enclosure also which will occupy your boot space and will change the asthetics of your car as they installation of enclosures and amplifiers require space to install. If you plan a subwoofer you will have to make sure three things which power rating speakers you have first thing. Second thing is how much RMS subwoofer you will require to match up your speakers and third thing is which type of music you listen to according to your taste which will ensure to tune your enclosure box of your subwoofer as the enclosure of subwoofer is responsible for it to perform and the tuning of the box. First choose the subwoofer of your choice and according to that choose a mono amplifier which can push the subwoofer according to the power rating. It is benificial to have a bigger power rating amplifier as it can help the amplifier to work efficiently without pushing its limits and secondary thing is it becomes future proof for future upgrade of any equipment you want to replace. Never use a 4 channel amplifier for subwoofers as they cannot give so much power and 4 channel will always pushing juice through them for a little performance of subwoofers and at last the 4 channel will not survive if pushed harder for long time. Mono amplifier comes with bass knobs which makes them the best to control bass according to you. Mono amplifiers are 90 percent efficient than the regular 4 channel amplifiers used for speakers so they are good at efficiency. Mono amplifier also requires a amplifier kit with larger gauge size than regular amplifier as they will have to push more juice through them as the normal amplifier don’t push so much current through them.

Enclosure of the subwoofer is a very tricky part when choosing as the frequency at which it is tuned will decide the size of the enclosure. For example the lower the frequency it will be tuned the more bigger the box will become as the low frequency require more space for air flow to sound. The smaller the enclosure is more punchy bass will become means smaller boxes will perform more kick in car than a lower frequency enclosure as they produce more vibration than punch. If you want both in the car you will have to take a enclosure in which you will get punch as well as vibrations as well. normally 36 Hz for 32Hz enclosures people get according to american taste of music. but here you are your own boss. so choose what you like.

Important Tips for planning a car audio

If you do not have knowledge about anything about audio, leave it but do not damage your gears as they are really expensive. That is why we are providing you detailed knowledge about how to plan your car audio step by step.

Always install your equipment correctly as the car audio is not cheap and if one thing will installed incorrectly the overall sound chain will be disturbed. So always check the polarity of the speakers and subwoofers. Tune the amplifiers before they are clipping as the clipping will result in permanent damage of speakers and amplifier. Do not open the gain of amplifiers too high as they will produce distortion and may pickup vehicle motor noises as well in some cases. Set filters of amplifiers to the frequencies according to the speakers not too high not too low. 

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