If you want to install a aftermarket sound system within your vehicle but the question is does your vehicle have enough electrical power in order to support your aftermarket power hungry equipment? Now how to improve Car Audio Performance?

Improve Car Audio Performance by upgrading the ALTERNATOR of the vehicle

First component that makes up the vehicles electrical system is the alternator. The alternator created voltage in order to power the full electrical system while the vehicle is running. The alternator has pulley that spins the shaft within the it. Components within the alternator use electro magnetic induction in order to create alternating current. There are two types of current, one is AC (Alternating Current) and other is DC (Direct Current). SO in this case the alternator is creating alternating current and then it has a diode circuit which converts the alternating current to direct current signal. So while the vehicle is running the alternator is charging the battery with the direct current but also powering all the electrical devices on the vehicle as well. In other words the alternator is the power plant in the vehicle. Batteries or Capacitors are just used for storing the electrical energy. The alternator comes in various sizes and usually rated by their output which is in AMPS. The output rating of the alternator is the most important value to consider. Upgrading the alternator will require the wires of the alternator to be upgraded as well as you cannot pull so much power from a large alternator with such thin factory stock wires. It is a chain in the vehicles electrical system that you will have to upgrade the batteries as well if you are upgrading the alternator and then you will need wirings also for the delivering of the power, so everything works in a chain. 

Upgrading Battery will help the vehicle to store more power than stock!

The battery is the means of storing the electrical energy. Now the question is why do we need to store the electrical energy when we have alternator which is always creating the electrical energy while the vehicle is running. Well in order to actually start the vehicle and get the vehicle running and the alternator start to creating the electrical energy we need battery. battery is also needed to run things when the vehicle is off. If you want to listen the radio when the vehicle is turned off, the battery will run the radio in that case as the alternator is not creating any energy to run the radio. People don’t even know how to improve Car Audio Performance in the vehicle with adding additional batteries if they have amplifiers which needs thousands of watts power!

If you are planning for a very loud SPL system in your car with thousands of watts, you will need extra batteries for supporting your audio system. Make sure you use same kinds of batteries when adding additional batteries to the car. Different kinds of batteries installed in one vehicle cannot be installed together in the vehicle. You can use two different kinds of batteries in the car but you will have to isolate them from each other, they cannot be wired together as they can cause serious problem to the car and electrical system as well. Suppose you have 2 alternators installed in your vehicle then you can use two different types of batteries perfectly. 

It is recommended that you use all the batteries of same kind when adding up the batteries as they will give the best results for the electrical system of the car. If your car has AGM then use AGM for additional as well. If you have Lithiums then use them only for addition only. 

If you upgrade the battery without upgrading the alternator you might have issues as you are putting more strain on the electrical system.

Upgrading Wires to improve power delivery!

It is not always the power you are generating, it is the delivery how you are delivering it. The wires of the stock vehicle must be upgraded in order to get better performance. The stock electrical wiring cannot support your car audio system to power it from such wire. You need to use the thick copper wires to upgrade for the best you can get from your car electrical system.

Upgrading the 3 wires in the car with a thicker wire will help the electrical system to work more better than stock wires. The alternator positive wire to the battery post, The engine ground and the battery ground wires should be upgraded and the electrical will start performing more better as compared to stock. The headlight dimming issues will be also solved after upgrading these 3 wires in the vehicle. This process of upgrading 3 wires in the car is known as BIG 3. If you are going to install multiple batteries for your audio system in your car, you will have to upgrade these 3 wires for sure otherwise you will face a huge bottleneck within your electrical system in your car. Avoiding upgradation of the wires may cause batteries to not charge properly or voltage dropping issue might also occur. You cannot pull so much power from your aftermarket alternator as well with the stock factory thin wire, you have to upgrade the alternator positive wire and ground wires in order to pull so much power from the amplifier. The performance of the wires depends upon the gauge size of the wire and the material of the wire you are using for upgrading them. Make sure you use right gauge size for the upgradation so that everything works fine and you not face any kind of problems further. The process of upgrading these wires is know as BIG 3.

How to improve Car Audio Performance with a Capacitor?

The capacitors provides surge power to the amplifier. Disadvantage of using a capacitor is the unstable voltage going to amplifier which will result in damaging the amplifier circuit. the battery does not have unstable voltage which is a great thing to use as compared to the capacitors. In a super loud audio system the demand for power is so much required that a capacitor cannot hold such king of power and deliver it to the amplifiers. So in order to install a capacitor, installing multiple batteries will be a great idea which can hold more power and will have a constant voltage which will help the system to support at very high volume.