When upgrading a custom car audio system one of the most important thing is to choose car amplifier which can be able to power your speakers perfectly without any strain. Hope this will help you to choose the right amplifier of your choice.

Always do the research work before purchasing the amplifier for your car. Now days the amplifiers are more advanced so it is recommended that you carefully check the specifications of the amplifier first before purchasing it. Go to the amplifier manufacturer website for detailed specifications and prices so that you will get to know more better. Adding the amplifier increases the power which we send to a speaker or subwoofer so don’t think that you need only amplifier for your subwoofer to power but you also need amplifier for your speakers.

Now days the amplifier comes with a great feature which inbuilt DSP. Now the question is how to choose car amplifier? The DSP one or without DSP?

DSP can do some very great things such as TIME ALIGNMENT which can align the sound of the speakers and subwoofer to the seat of the car. Make sure that you calculate the power of the speakers and the subwoofers with impedance as it will help you to choose the amplifier with correct power rating.

Note: DSP stands for digital signal processor which allows you to control all of the tuning that output is coming from the speakers or subwoofer. It allows to fully tune the output of the system to make it sound as good as it can as you are fine tuning your system. you will need extra pair of RCA if you want to connect more than 2 channels of the amplifier. Buying a separate DSP can be expensive and can create installation hassle as well so buying a built in DSP can be a great idea. It will make things lot more simple as well. Component speakers with crossovers will not need 2 separate channels on the amplifier because the crossover will divide the frequency between the speaker and the tweeter. Separate channels will be required only in active setup where each speaker and tweeter will be treated individually and each channel will be having their own frequency passing through. A good wiring for the amplifier will give better results of the audio and will long laster for years as it will not corrode easily for longer period of time.

How to choose car amplifier which will be the best for you! Don’t just look at the power of the amplifier and buy it .. you should look at some other features as well like verifying the impedance (OHMS) on which it will going to produce that much power and your speakers and subwoofer can handle that much power at that impedance. Don’t go for a amplifier which has tons and tons of power if you don’t have larger power speakers into your vehicle as the speakers might not survive with that much power if it is not capable enough and the amplifier power will not be fully utilised as well. Always try to go for a good brand amplifier as it will result in less noise ratio and the components used to make the amplifier will be more refined and will produce more clean output than a regular brand amplifier.

If you go above 500 RMS power amplifier you might need to go for the vehicle electrical system upgrade as well such as alternator upgrade and more battery capacity as well in your vehicle. So don’t just go and buy heavy powered amplifier without knowing that you will need more power to make power for amplifiers. Always make sure to make extra budget while purchasing an amplifier as you will require a amplifier wiring kit for the installation of the amplifier. If you have an stock factory radio in your car you will going to need to adapt the signal from the source unit to the amplifier which is a line output convertor which make the speaker wires of the OEM head unit to make it a low level input source(RCA). Then you can connect the RCA cables to the convertor from the source to the amplifier. If you have a aftermarket head unit installed in the car you don’t need to purchase anything to adapt the signal as it will already having the low level connectors at the back of the radio. Make sure that amplifier must have enough channels which you are going to need for your system like if you have only 4 speakers to be connected on the amplifier you will need only 4 channels. If you have future upgrade plans for your audio you can buy a good heavy powered amplifier so that you will only require to upgrade speakers in future not the amplifier also as it can be more expensive. 

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