There are basically two types of head unit for car audio available in the market. First is a SINGLE DIN and second is a DOUBLE DIN HEAD UNIT. Now you must be thinking how they are different from each other and which type of head unit for car audio you should go for? Don’t worry all the questions will be answered here in detail.


First of all SINGLE DIN are used where there is no space for DOUBLE DIN as double din stereos are large in size and require more space to be installed than a single din stereo. They are the one of the types of head unit for car audio which can easily fit in any car very easily. Single din are cheaper than double din or touch screen head units and the face of the stereo can be easily removable if required.

They provide less power output voltage than a double din stereo. Suppose if a double din head unit is giving a full 4 VOLT output voltage then the single din head unit will be distorting at 2VOLT or even may be 1.8 VOLT. That means you have to adjust your amplifier gain much higher than you use in a double din head unit. Less output voltage does not mean that it is bad or something but for a high end music setup will require more output voltage to sound much more louder and be efficient enough for the amplifier for a great performance of the system. You get only 2 RCA OUTPUTS front and rear in SINGLE DIN AS DOUBLE DIN HAVE 3 RCA OUTPUTS FRONT REAR AND SUB WOOFER WITH HIGH POWER VOLTAGE. Single din has a disadvantage which is not good is they don’t have much equalizer options for tuning the sound. Bass boost options are also provided to increase the bass intensity.

NOTE: If you have a decent setup for you car you can surely go for single din head unit and not need to upgrade it to double din since the time you upgrade to go for a loud setup.


DOUBLE DIN HEAD UNITS require a large space than a single din head units and sometimes you will have to get a proper frame for them to be installed in some cars where they are attached to air conditioner vents and car dashboard kits. These are the types of head unit for car audio which require more space and more power to install in the vehicle, as they are expensive also. So they are sometimes complicated stuff to be installed but they are more advanced and looks even better than single din head units. Double din head units have special features which are very useful like apple car play and android auto and screen mirror or casting features which are very useful to connect phone to the head unit and play your songs and even for navigation map while travelling. Double din stereos comes with various illumination color options as well where you can set your favourite color as your illumination and background color as well according to your taste. But yes they are expensive for a budget setup install. Wireless Car play is also available for wireless streaming of music and navigation as well. Standard mode and Network mode are available for those who want their sytem to be fine tuned with proper crossover settings done and sound aligned to their seats. Videos can be played through USB and WEB LINK on the stereo where you can use youtube in your car.


They have a high power output voltage which is great thing for high end loud setups and they also have separately RCA outputs for front ,  rear and sub woofer which is very helpful for separately tune the speakers and sub woofer and set their crossovers to sound them perfect. They have 13 to 16 band equalizer which is very good for fine tuning the sound and trust me it is very beneficial when you will listen the sound. Time Alignment can be done in double din head units which is very next level of tuning which makes the sound align to the seats of the car.

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