So you just finished installing a aftermarket car audio system or you are using a mobile phone to play music in your vehicle and you are facing problems like buzzing, hissing or whistling sounds coming from the speakers or the tweeters of the car. Now you might be thinking how to Fix engine noise in speakers?

This is becoming more and more common now days which is noise associated with a ground loop from a mobile device when you connect it with the car radio with a aux cable. This noise can come if you are charging it and playing music together as well or may be just connecting it by aux cable and the noise starts. This noise can be in the form of static whine that increases when you accelerated the vehicle, This issue happens when you start having a problem of ground loop by using the charging adapter and the AUX cable together. Then you will start to think how to get rid of this problem and Fix engine noise in speakers!

You can solve this issue by using a device known as ground loop isolator. It is a device which fits in between the cable of car radio wire and the mobile phone cable. This probably remove the noise coming if you have only noise coming through the speakers when connecting up the mobile device. 

How to fix the engine noise coming constantly after Installing Aftermarket Amplifier

If you have added aftermarket amplifiers in your vehicle and you are facing the problem of noise coming constantly from the speakers, most often this is associated with a BAD GROUND. Now how to Fix engine noise in speakers?

The amplifier needs a positive and a ground connection to power it, so most commonly people run a huge power wire to the amplifier but does not think about ground it properly in the vehicle and hope for the best. That grounding location must not be good enough to complete the circuit for the amplifier which will create engine whining sounds or hissing sounds constantly.A proper way to ground the amplifier is to scrape the paint to the bare metal properly and then connect the ground wire tightly to the frame of the vehicle. The best grounding location in a car is the chassis of the vehicle which will give the best results. You should also do a ground from a car battery to the vehicle chassis as well if you are installing a aftermarket amplifier as the not upgrading ground of the car battery can create a ground loop as well. This process of upgrading grounds is involved process of upgrading the factory essential wires of the vehicle to improve the electrical system of the car which is known as BIG 3.

Make you are using the same gauge size wire for positive and the negative connection for the amplifier. Using of different kinds of gauge size wire can result in not proper flow of current in the circuit and amplifier will face problems pulling the power from the wire. 

Another issue can be the amplifier mounting location also, when you install the amplifier to another electrical component of the car which creates interference between both of them which results in some sort of noise.

In some cases if the amplifier metal casing is touching the frame of the vehicle also starts to produce noise resulting in creating a ground loop. So try to isolate the amplifier from the grounds or frame of the vehicle by making amplifier rack and installing it properly.

Not properly setting up the gain settings of the amplifier can also cause noise in the vehicle. high gains on the amplifier will start to pickup sensitive noise from the vehicle itself. So check your gains on the amplifier wisely.

Another problem might be Poor Quality Signal cables can pickup the sensitive noise of the vehicle. The path of the RCA wires running from radio to the amplifier should be isolated from the vehicle factory wirings also. The power wires, the speaker wires and the RCA cable should not be interfering with each other, this is the main reason for the noise in the aftermarket amplifiers. If want to learn more about wires and quality of the wires used in car audio, you can read Types Of Car Audio Wires.

Even if you have a very large amplifiers and loud system installed in your vehicle, The path of the wiring is very important for avoiding the noise in the vehicle. If your power wire is crossing the signal wire, then try to make it cross at 90 degree angle from one another. High quality signal cables which is braided are the best and resulting in 0 percent chances for the noise to come from the speakers. 

If you have constant whistling sound coming from the speakers and the tweeters when accelerating the vehicle, accidentally you accelerate too much the tweeters can be blown as well so try to avoid powering on the audio system when you have noise issues in the vehicle.

You can use a Ground loop isolator or the amplifier as well to reduce the noise of the amplifier but this comes with a cost to the system as the ground loop isolators are connected between the RCA wire from the radio of the car to the amplifier, The ground loop isolator reduce the output voltage of the radio and will reduce the overall output of the audio system. So installing them can be a bad idea if you are a serious music listener. The ground loop isolator will not solve your permanently if you have grounding issues or interference of wires with factory wires, it will just temporarily fix the noise problem. Try to fix the problem from the roots as it will work better than installing such devices which is not even needed now days.

Sometimes you upgrade your head unit of the vehicle from stock factory head unit and you face noise issues, This means that the factory head unit ground location is not good enough for the aftermarket head unit and the location should be changed to a good grounding location. this is the reason why aftermarket head unit wire harness has a long ground wire as the factory ground will not work good for the aftermarket head unit.