Custom sound system for car , the first thing which we have to focus upon is the wiring of the whole car audio. Good quality wires are quite expensive because of oxygen free copper wires and their gauge. The outlet which sells car audio can help you in picking up the right wire for your sound system according to its requirements. You can find several brand of automotive wires for sound system at the outlet but always pick good quality brand wires only. Installation of bad quality or non branded wiring for car audio will make hot wiring when the system extracts power from the battery and source unit. Good quality OFC wire charge amplifier capacitors quickly and give the best performance out of it. 

Custom sound system for cars

Basic Front Staging Audio System

If you have a limited budget for the custom sound system for cars, Do not go for the best sound system brand in the world because they will be really very expensive. The first upgrade you should go for is car speaker upgrade. New car speakers will give fresh and new experience to vehicle sound system. You should install new automotive speaker wire for car speaker upgrade. Installing amplifier to those speaker will make the sound like high end speakers.

One 4 channel amp 2 speaker 1 sub is the best option for the person who do not want to invest much and want quality premium sound in the car. There is no need to get world’s biggest subwoofer for everyone without any means. You can easily find car speaker store near me online and pick your right speaker at best price. If you want you can also search 12 inch subwoofer near me online to get a good subwoofer for a decent loud bass performance that will be enough for a quality setup. Several people search 6.5 speaker near me for easy finding out speaker. Mini sports car has mostly 6×9 size speakers which needs replacement for a good quality setup because stock vehicle do not have good speakers and careful about size before choosing the speaker. Mostly sedan cars are good for front stage setups and sound very nice. 

If you are installing aftermarket sound system in your car, then you might need a DSP for your aftermarket amplifier installation and tuning purpose. Install 1 pair of 6.5 speakers will be better than installing 4 6.5 speakers because installing 2 pairs of 6.5 speakers will require more amplifier channels to power and you will need to get separate subwoofer amplifier. One 6.5 2 way speakers which are known as component speakers are very good and enough for a decent loud performance in car. 6.5 inch door speakers called as component speakers are best full range car speakers.

Car stereo sound will get more enhanced when you tune your equalizer of the source unit. Don’t go for non component speakers because they will distort at high volume and will not give you a satisfactory performance with subwoofer, If you are hooking up speakers directly to the head unit of the car then you should focus on matching speakers to headunit wisely because every speaker cannot perform with every headunit. Car stereo wire gauge is also important for the good decent performance of the speakers and sound quality as well.


A DSP is good option for aftermarket sound system installations because digital technologies makes tuning of the audio system very easy. Audio distribution amplifier which has DSP and amplifier both in it is a good option to purchase and easy to install because you will need to install only one amplifier for everything, otherwise installing DSP and amplifier individually will make install little lengthy process. These type of installations do not require car battery upgrades for much power hungry amplifiers. If your car battery is old enough and the voltage is not stable, then do not install aftermarket sound system in car before replacing your old car battery from the outlet because the aftermarket amplifier require power from battery to perform.

If you are installing custom sound system for the first time in your car, then you should get your car damping done from near by store. Car damping cost varies upon the sheets used in the car. The sheets comes in various sizes and cost. Car door damping cost is less than getting your whole car damp, so at least damp your doors to enhance the speaker performance and reduce rattling when the speaker produce mid bass. Look for best cheap subwoofer for installing to 4 channel amplifier but works stable at amplifier minimum load. Car speaker store have some special deals for this type of system. 

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