CCTV power supply provides 12 Volt DC power. It can easily power car stereo to turn on and work properly. One thing which cannot be done with CCTV power supply is adding amplifiers. Connecting external power source other than car battery will not change the abilities of the car stereo.

If you want to install car stereo with any external power supply, Make sure the working voltage should be 12 volts minimum.

CCTV Power Supply

CCTV power supply comes with variety of amperes which are made to handle the number of camera installed in the setup. Most common power supply used for one or two camera setup is 5 ampere or 10 ampere which can easily handle one car stereo with 4 speakers. Do not try to connect any amplifier with this power supply as they will not provide enough power to amplifier to work. Adding amplifiers can create issues with the stereo and the power supply both. Some premium CCTV power supply comes with ampere controlling knobs within them, which is used for the stability of the camera. Increasing amperes make more stable voltage which is beneficial for anything which is operated at 12 volts DC power.

How to connect CCTV power supply with car stereo?

Car stereo has three main wires for the working, Red, Yellow and Black. 

Twist red and yellow wire together and connect it to the positive terminal of the power supply. Black wire will be connected to the negative terminal of the power supply. These three main wires are done to turn on the stereo. 

Rest of the speaker wires can be connected later after according to your comfort and setup location. Make sure your car stereo is connected to the output of the power supply and properly installed. Do not connect car stereo together with camera setup installed. Make sure the car stereo is installed with CCTV power supply all alone, nothing extra should be connected. If your power supply has ampere controlling knob inside, then turn it all the way to the three quarters or half. 

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